Our Sustainability Commitment 

FARRARTM, powered by global climate innovator, Trane Technologies, is committed to innovation that inspires an improved planet. Timing is critical. Healthcare’s global climate footprint is expected to nearly triple, representing 11 percent of global carbon emissions by 2028 compared to 20191. We are working to reduce healthcare’s global climate impacts today for a better tomorrow.


We consider sustainability more than a buzzword. In fact, a focus on energy efficiency underpins our entire culture. Our engineers are truly hardwired to focus on it. Sustainability is core to our strategy, encompassing the environmental and social impact of our operations, our products and services, and our people. We are committed to advancing sustainability in all these areas as we focus on meeting the rapidly growing demand for cold-chain solutions. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

In alignment with Trane Technologies, FARRAR is committed to a corporate social responsibility strategy that includes enhancing life in the communities where we operate. We support Trane Technologies’ efforts which include:

  • A $100 million investment in STEM learning for students in underrepresented demographics
  • Donating 500,000 employee volunteer hours and committing to workplace diversity 
  • Hosting STEM learning camps with Trane Technologies and Project Scientist to uplift STEM education and career access. 
  • Donating freezer equipment to Santa Fe College to help support the STEM talent pipeline in the communities in which we live and work

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Advancing Decarbonization

Trane Technologies is one of only about 50 companies in the world to have two sets of carbon reduction commitments validated by the Science-Based Targets initiative. In 2021, approximately 35% of Trane Technologies revenue was estimated as Clean Revenue2.

Trane Technologies defines clean revenue as products and services that facilitate energy or emissions reductions, including transitioning to next-generation refrigerants and increased energy efficiency in built environments and refrigerated transport.

At FARRAR, we align with Trane Technologies’ sustainability commitment

Our highly efficient ultra-low temperature storage chambers (ULC-190 and ULC-311) offer improved sustainability through energy-efficient solutions. And, you don't have to sacrifice performance for GMP requirements. Our ULC-190 recently earned ENERGY STAR® certification. They also offer best-in-class density which helps our customers reduce the amount of storage/warehouse space needed.

Our walk-in solution analytics help reduce carbon footprint through lower maintenance requirements which are further enhanced through remote monitoring. Remote monitoring also helps reduce onsite visits, reducing travel frequency.

Discovery Driven

Leveraging Trane Technologies’ next-generation refrigerant research, FARRAR is helping drive the life sciences industry toward greater sustainability. Working to help minimize the impact of refrigerants on global warming, we also are aligning with Trane Technologies and its efforts with other like-minded companies to deliver next-generation refrigerant solutions.

Novel Solutions

We are committed to seeking new ways to reduce our carbon footprint through fresh product and process efficiencies. For example:

  • Our disruptive technology includes our Controlled Rate Chamber Model 4000/4000-LC which can greatly reduce +40˚C to -80˚C freeze/thaw times from up to days or weeks to hours, helping to optimize manufacturing efficiency.
  • Our forced air convection and water-cooled solutions provide highly efficient options that can be integrated with existing HVAC systems when appropriate to reduce energy consumption in HVAC load.

Preparing for the Future

We are working to ensure that our solutions enable our customers to meet future EPA minimum-efficiency rating requirements. FARRAR uses foam-blowing agents for its freezers and cold spaces that align with forthcoming 2023 EPA Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) guidelines and the current California SNAP guidelines. Our remoting monitoring with Trane Tracer Ensemble tracks system performance and status, which can help significantly reduce the need for onsite service, reducing pollution contributions from excess vehicle traffic.

From a future of sustainability standpoint, we align with Trane Technologies’ waste reduction strategy enhancement. Trane Technologies and its brands, including FARRAR are beginning to include circular economy principals that reach all operations from product design and manufacturing through each product’s end of life. These circular-economy principals reflect a strong commitment to sustainability, including a recognition of the crucial importance of biodiversity.

Operational efficiency

We strive to ensure that our facilities produce solutions with minimal impact and that our production processes are optimized for efficiency. Whenever possible, we opt to work with suppliers whose goals align with our environmental commitments. We adhere to high safety standards and support employee wellness to support a sustainable workforce in all our locations.

1 My Green Lab in collaboration with Urgentem, “The Impact of Biotech & Pharma: A Roadmap to 1.5° C.,p. 6

2 Trane Technologies, Transform Tomorrow, Today, 2021 ESG Report

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