FARRAR® helps protect your cold-chain infrastructure at each point of vulnerability.

ULT Installation


We ensure your Ultra-Low Chamber or Controlled Rate Chamber gets installed on time and is properly set up.

ULT Qualification


Our expert team knows how to get certification and qualification from governmental regulatory entities.

Let us do the hard work of getting approval to start your life sciences application.

ULT Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

All of our products can be monitored to ensure your application stays within tolerance.

ULT Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Get insights before a failure occurs.

ULT Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Our expert team can keep you up and running through preventive maintenance.


ULT Validation Services

Validation Services

FARRAR's Service Solutions for life science applications can help you obtain the required IQ/OQ/PQ validations and certifications needed for your temperature controlled equipment and environments. So, you can check those requirements off your list – and gain peace of mind knowing that you can count on system performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can FARRAR train our in-house employees to perform service?

Yes, the FARRAR® team is available to train in-house service personnel.

Does FARRAR stock service parts?

Yes, FARRAR stocks service parts.

Does FARRAR use their own service technicians or work with third parties?

FARRAR uses both our own service technicians and third-party service providers, working with a network of over 130 organizations across the U.S. and Canada.

What type of Service Contract does FARRAR provide?

Yes, FARRAR offers extended warranty and preventive maintenance Service Contracts.

Does FARRAR offer installation services and validation services?

Yes, FARRAR's Service Solutions offer installation and validation services.

Does FARRAR offer remote monitoring?

Yes, FARRAR's Service Solutions offer remoting monitoring on all products to ensure performance and compliance within your process.

Does FARRAR perform IQOQ?

Yes, FARRAR's Service Solutions can assist with obtaining required IQOQ validations and certifications.

Does FARRAR service and maintenance competitor products?

No, FARRAR does not service or perform maintenance on competitor products. Please contact our Service Solutions Team, under Diversified Laboratory Repair (DLR) for repairs to all of your laboratory equipment.

Does FARRAR offer maintenance support?

Yes, FARRAR's Service Solutions include preventive maintenace from our expert team to keep you up and running.

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