About Us

Innovative Ultra-Low Temperature Solutions Engineered for Life Sciences

FARRARTM, powered by Trane Technologies, focuses on meeting the rapidly growing demand for ultra-low temperature processes. Our best-in-class operating systems are completely redefining ultra-cold storage for pharmaceutical, biotech, and biorepository applications.

FARRAR offers a complete end-to-end offering of products and services to best serve the operational and performance needs of temperature-critical bioprocessing companies.

FARRAR complements its innovative products with a range of value-added services. The simplicity of Farrar’s modular designs lends itself to faster and easier training. Furthermore, its team is comprised of specialized engineers and technicians that are extremely knowledgeable in their craft. This connection between product and service allows for a seamless transition from design to installation to operation.

FARRAR's services are backed by over 100 years of experience in the design and remediation of high-performance temperature conditioning systems for the pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries. Farrar is uniquely positioned with precision equipment and personnel to accurately provide exacting analysis of the operation and performance of each component within a variety of systems.

Engineering Cold Chain Innovation

FARRAR has developed technology with dynamic operations at industrial scale. The ULC systems offer modular long-term storage, filling a significant void in the market that historically left pharmaceutical companies to rely on purchasing dozens to hundreds of ULT freezers or investing significant time and capital into dedicated freezer rooms. Beyond the ULC’s flexible footprint, the systems provide significant payload density, unmatched reliability and substantial yield increases not seen in the alternatives, lab scale freezers or seven figure infrastructure (that is not relocatable).

Differentiated Offering

Prior to FARRAR, biopharm manufacturing leadership was faced with one option for freeze/thaw production and two choices when designing new capacity: to build massive lab-scale freezer farms or to build large capital-intensive cold rooms. FARRAR fills an unmet need fitting in between these extremes on the technical front, as a flexible, scalable, dynamic, and self-redundant solution. On the economic front, Farrar solutions have superior payload density and unit cost driving industry best cost-per-liter and space efficiency.

ISO Certified

Granted the ISO 9001:2015 designation with respect to the “Custom Design, Manufacturing, and Installation of Low Temperature Refrigeration Systems Used in a Variety of Applications.”

ISO certified 9001:2015