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Innovative Ultra-Low Temperature Solutions Engineered for Life Sciences

FARRAR™, powered by global climate innovator, Trane Technologies, focuses on meeting the rapidly growing demand for low and ultra-low temperature processes involved in the manufacturing, freezing and storage of medicines, vaccines, and other life-science products.

FARRAR brings value to global customers through its powerful portfolio of solutions, predictive monitoring capabilities, and robust services. Collaborating with each customer, FARRAR tenaciously tackles unique +5°C to -80°C temperature storage challenges — based on application, product/substance/sample requirements and workflow demands.

Headquartered in Davidson, NC, FARRAR’s innovations and solution fill unmet needs for large pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers, biobanking/biorepository, and clinical customers requiring flexible and efficient low and ultra-low temperature freezer equipment and storage rooms.


Whether an application requires reach-in or walk-in solutions - or both, FARRAR™ is all in. Drawing from years of industry experience as trusted advisors and collaborative consultants, FARRAR starts with a customer’s temperature-driven need, then applies its deep application knowledge. From new construction to facility expansion or renovation, FARRAR integrates with your team to drive success at every level to help you achieve your project goals.


FARRAR™ pioneered forced air convection technology in its reach-in chambers. The Company’s first-to-market forced air convection technology is rapidly being adopted by large pharmaceutical and biorepository facilities deploying form factor freezers, ultra-low temperature chamber bulk storage reach-ins, pallet chambers (-20°C to -80°C), as well as Controlled Rate Chambers for freeze/thaw (+40°C to -85°C).


A specialized team within FARRAR, offers proven, engineered, integrated, and controlled-environment walk-in chambers that solve 5°C to -50°C challenges for product and process development facilities.


FARRAR complements its innovative products and solutions with a range of value-added services, including IQ/OQ/PQ qualification/validation, supported by a team of specialized engineers and technicians highly focused on serving the operational and performance needs of temperature-critical companies within the life science space.

Backed by 100+ years of experience in the design and remediation of high-performance temperature conditioning systems for the pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries, FARRAR is uniquely positioned with the application knowledge, precision equipment, and experienced personnel to accurately provide exacting analysis of the operation and performance of each component within a variety of systems.


From bulk storage to production freezers and cold spaces, FARRAR teams with Trane Technologies strategic brands, Thermo King® and Trane®, to provide a portfolio of end-to-end cold chain capabilities ranging from +4°C to -80°C.

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