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ULC – Ultra Low Chamber

North America

The only wide range forced air circulation low temperature freezer available. 190 Cu.ft./ 5,380 Liters of storage space. ULC only requires 47 sq.ft. / 4.36 m2 of floor space. Best uniformity on the market +/- 3.0˚C. Fully redundant system (control, refrigeration, air flow), fastest temperature recovery from door opening, exceptional performance, energy balance design., dynamic refrigeration control, smarter storage solution and low energy consumption 0.33 kWh/cu.ft.

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Product Details

  • Specifically designed for Pharmaceutical, Biorepository / Biobank
  • Largest volume space available for a -40C to -80C reach-in freezer
  • Smallest foot print with largest storage volume
  • Forced-air circulation provides fastest temperature recovery from door opening
  • Fully redundant systems offer peace of mind (display, electrical, refrigeration and controls)
  • We designed the interior to be fully customizable ; from vials to bulk containers, cassettes and bioshells.
  • Optional shelving system is available
  • Farrar Scientific’s line of Ultra Low Chambers is the only -80 ̊C forced air circulation ULT freezer available. ULCs provide a smaller facility footprint and can be installed in days instead of weeks. Dynamic refrigeration controls are backed by fully redundant systems and the best temperature uniformity on the market to ensure the viability of chamber contents. The refrigeration system design is unique to the industry with features such as air flow evaporators, duty cycle refrigeration system (lead, lag and assist mode), plug and play refrigeration system, faster door temperature recovery. Full redundancy is built into the freezer, including ease of service of the entire refrigeration system which can be removed and brought off site for service. The freezer can still operate normally at controlled set point, since the backup refrigeration system continues to operate and can maintain -80 ̊C indefinitely.
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