New FARRAR EcoFlex Environmental Chamber: Fully Operational in One Day

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DAVIDSON, N.C., July 20,2023 – A unique, new top-mount, walk-in, modular environmental chamber from FARRAR™, a brand of Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator, can be operational within 24 hours. Avoiding potential weeks of construction, the new FARRAR EcoFlex prepackaged top-mount refrigeration system can arrive and be installed within one day to provide a fully functioning environmental chamber.


Ahigh-performance and sustainability-focused solution, the unit offers a temperature flexibility range of +4°C to +37°C with tight temperature control of +/-0.5°C. The EcoFlex expands FARRAR’s portfolio of highly customized walk-in solutions, providing a quick-turn, alternative that is ideal for healthcare systems, research labs and universities, pharmacies, and more.


The new chamber offers multiple benefits:

Ready to use: The quiet, compact FARRAR EcoFlex refrigeration system is factory-acceptance tested, charged, and operational before arrival. Traditional systems typically need to be assembled onsite and put in place by specialized refrigeration trades, risking refrigerant-piping leaks, and electrical-wiring mistakes.

Energy efficient: FARRAR EcoFlex is up to 50 percent more energy efficient in standard use vs. traditional environmental rooms, dependent onloading.

Flexible and reusable: The environmental room’s modular approach enables the equipment to be redeployed after room modifications or relocation.

Secure: All service and maintenance can be completed outside the environmental chamber so that stored, valuable product remains untouched and undisturbed.

No wasted space: Since refrigeration is added to the top of the unit, the EcoFlex provides 100 percent usable volume, maximizing storage space.

Designed for sustainability: Designed with sustainability in mind, the energy-efficient, variable speed, refrigeration system requires only 6 lbs. of R448a refrigerant, the latest low GWP, non-flammable refrigerant. The factory-brazed, charged, and tested unit reduces the risk of environmentally harmful leaks.

Easily accessible replacement parts: All units are assembled in North America with quick-ship replacement parts available.


The FARRAR EcoFlex boasts a variable speed evaporator and compressor that effectively reduces strain on the compressor, resulting in a longer lifespan. The unit is available in both air-cooled and water-cooled versions and offers a 100 percent redundant performance option.


“Whether you’re looking for ease of installation, storage density, or exterior maintenance – or all three – the energy-efficient FARRAR EcoFlex hits the mark,” said Andrea Rago, walk-in business leader for Trane Technologies’ Life Science Solutions. “We are excited to expand our portfolio of life science cold storage options to include this unique new walk-in environmental chamber.”


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Within life science applications, FARRAR™ a brand of Trane Technologies, provides engineered, integrated, and precision controlled-environment solutions, including bulk reach-in storage and production freezers and walk-in chambers for product and process development facilities. As a business with Trane Technologies LifeScience Solutions, FARRAR helps enable life-saving innovation today for a healthier tomorrow.


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