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Conditional Preventive Maintenance

Our Conditional Preventive Maintenance services include: data acquisition and storage (cloud base), data transformation—conversion of raw data, condition monitoring—alerts based on equipment operating limits (Pressure, Superheat, Amps), equipment health evaluation—generating diagnostic records based on trend analysis if equipment health has already started declining, prognostics—generating predictions of equipment failure from data and trend analysis, decision support —recommendations of actions to be taken, failure prediction, fault diagnosis, failure-type classification, and recommendation of relevant maintenance actions are all a part of Farrar’s predictive engineering methodology.

Conditional Preventive Maintenance


• Daily review of data

• Evaluation of data and failure mode

• Customer notification

• Remediation plan

• Preventative actions

data anakysis

Data Analysis

• Forensic evaluation of data

• Data comparison

• Review of pressure / temperature trends

conditional preventive maintenance chart