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The LSSU (Large Scale Storage Unit) offers large scale temperature controlled storage capabilities specific to biotech, biorepository and pharmaceutical customers. The LSSU also has the functionality of a blast freezer, providing the ability to be a part of the process for producing vaccines, medicine or any other biotech and pharmaceutical product.

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Product Details

  • Flexible expansion solutions
  • Blast freezing capability. Blast freezing of 1.600 kg fluid products from +25°C to -60°C in less than 21 hours
  • The LSSU & LSSU Compact have a capacity equal to approximately 40 standard upright ULT freezers.
  • Extreme stable storage temperature with low deviation (+/- 1°C)
  • Flexible and full pullout drawers in different sizes
  • LSSU Compact can be installed nearly anywhere in an existing building
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